This is a creative work space so please feel free to bring stuff to work on, stretch, move around, and enjoy the space from 1-3:30pm at WILD ROOTS in our Sanctuary Space!

ARTIST BIO: Jordan Furrow Growing up in Beckley, W.V., Jordan Furrow discovered his passion for music when he got his first drum set at the age of 13. Soon after and for years to come he gradually picked up bass, guitar and many other instruments to solidify his status as a multi-instrumentalist. Having played with various bands in his local scene and abroad, he gained knowledge of many genres and still continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with music. After moving to Seattle to play with other musicians for a few years, he's returned to his roots in the wild and wonderful mountain state to continue his sonic journey. Bands and musicians he's played with over the years include Option 22, The Kind Thieves, Isaac Hadden, Jonah Carden, Yaima, Luness, members of Big Something, and many others